MXVOICE.RACING / Jérôme Faraill : Nate, what is the Trick you are the most proud to have realized..?

NATE « PATCHY' » ADAMS : I have 2 favorite tricks actually ! Lazy boy flip and flat-spin 360’s…both tricks have a very ‘flowy’ feel to them when executed correctly. Love em !


MXVOICE.RACING / Jérôme Faraill : Do you think that the FMX has arrived at his best ever..? No more new evolutions..?? (new Tricks..?)

NATE « PATCHY' » ADAMS : Not at all !!! The sky is the limit really. With XGames and Nitro Circus Tours and World Games, there is so much progression still happening in FMX ! Special ramps are being built making tricks like front flips and body varials more obtainable for the riders. Not to mention quarter pipes. And now with airbags replacing foam pits, that’s a whole new avenue for riders to progress their tricks and at the same time minimize the risk of injury…or death. And that’s no joke. It’s serious. 

MXVOICE.RACING / Jérôme Faraill : Can we make more evolutions on the motos..?

NATE « PATCHY' » ADAMS : I definitely see that coming in the near future, FMX specific motocross bikes. Alta motors is already far down the road in developing an all electric bike. It looks and performs awesome ! I think manufacturers would be smart to consider FMX when they build their motocross bikes.
MXVOICE.RACING / Jérôme Faraill : In the past, each Freestyler came from Motocross.. Do you think that now a rider can do Freestyle without having rode in MX..?
NATE « PATCHY' » ADAMS : Yea that is true. And yes, there will definitely be top FMX riders in the future (maybe even presently) that have never raced a motocross race ! In the past people had a tendency to think that FMX didn’t build bike riding / handling skills. But I don’t agree ! Look at how many awesome bmx riders are out there who never raced, only dirt jumped and rode skate parks ? I think the same is happening in the FMX world.
The courses we ride and the tricks we execute demand and require professional level bike riding and handling abilities. Ya can’t have one without the other. In the progression of a rider advancing his tricks, abilities to ride the professional FMX courses and all the while handle the pressure of being watched by a panel of judges while riding in front of 10’s of thousands of people, the bike skills come along with the progression of everything else. They go hand in hand. A rider that is not developing the bike skills, but maybe only learning tricks, will not be able to fly overseas to an FMX contest, ride a borrowed bike and execute his run on a course on which he’s only had 10-15 minutes of practice. It’s a tough job, but this is the process that lets the best rise to the top !!
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