Motocross is like business, he’s not mathematics, 1 + 2 # 3.. Sometimes you win, sometimes this is not your day.. Whatever the track’s conditions, whatever his rivals, Antonio CAIROLI continue the fight.. This is the daily life of a Great Champion..

Jérôme FARAILL : Antonio, how do you feel actually in the championship..?

Antonio CAIROLI : I mean, not so well, I’ve tried to manage with the injury I had in the qualifying race in Russia but it was a tough one and then in Latvia it costed me a lot when I’ve crashed out during the second moto. At the moment I’m still second but Tim is now 83 points in front of me and it’s a lot.

Jérôme FARAILL : Were you a little bit « disturbed » by the fact that Jeffrey was « out for some months » because i guess that he was your main « target » for the title..?

Antonio CAIROLI : No, honestly not at all, it was a shame for him and for the MXGP class because more top riders we are and more interesting the races are and he is one of the strongest guy out there. Motocross unfortunately can be a really tough and unfair sport and hen injured himself before the beginning of the season but this didn’t changed anything to my way of approaching the races. I wanted to win before and I still want it now.

Jérôme FARAILL : We all can see that you are always in the search of the best lines during the races, is it a part of your success..?

Antonio CAIROLI : Of course, if you are able to find the best lines, then you can ride faster, smoother and you get less tired during the races. It’s also important to find the best places where to pass your adversaries in case you need to do.

Jérôme FARAILL : Where do you find the motivation to be still there after so many years in the sport..?

Antonio CAIROLI : I love riding, I love racing and I have fun when nothing go wrong like he did in Russia or Latvia. I found the motivation in this : having fun doing what I love to do more.

Jérôme FARAILL : How do you analyze the little mistakes you did during the very last GP’s..?

Antonio CAIROLI : It’s always hard to say why you did a mistake or if it was a real mistake or just bad luck. Today we are riding at some incredible level, the speed is like never before and the bikes are fantastic so it happen to make a little mistake. When nothing serious happen to your body then you can recap but it’s not always easy.

Jérôme FARAILL : I know that you trust in God, i guess he’s very important in your life and your sport.. How do you deal with « him », like many US Riders « God First.. » or is it something that help you sometimes during the races or your daily life..? Are you superstitious..?

Antonio CAIROLI : I’m not superstitious at all, I don’t have any kind of ritual of stuff like that, I never had and it’s good because you’re more free mentally. Of course I believe in God but it’s something really personal and private and I keep it for myself.

Jérôme FARAILL : Are You impressed by the speed and consistency of Tim..?

Antonio CAIROLI : Tim has always been a great rider, fast and consistano, I don’t forget that last year he get injured really bad in Mantova before the beginning of the Championship and that’s the reason why he couldn’t battle with Jeffrey and me at the beginning of the season but I knew that he could be one of the main adversary for the 2019 title.

Jérôme FARAILL : You will be Dad soon, is it something that can make you see things different (about the moment of retirement by example..)..?

Antonio CAIROLI : Yes and it’t the most exciting think that happened in my life but I don’t think it can change my way of riding or racing, it’s just a huge amount of energy that come on yourself !

Jérôme FARAILL : Why did you create « RACR » , is it for your « second career » after Motocross or maybe for the future of your kids..?

Antonio CAIROLI : It was an idea that we had with Jill to create our own brand, we wanted to do something special tat wasn’t related so much with me and the bikes, that’s why Racr, because it’s a Way of live your life, doesn’t matter if you ride, drive, study or whatever, if you’re a racer, then you’re a racer, it’s a kind of feeling that you have and it’s the way you approach life and challenge it.

Jérôme FARAILL : Is there a chance for us to see you in the future in the WRC FIA Championship by example..?

Antonio CAIROLI : Why not ? I mean, I’m, a big fan of the rally races and I’m doing sometime when our season is over. Of course WRC it’s way different form the rallies I did till now but I’m a good student and I learn fast…

Jérôme FARAILL : Last question but not least, what’s in your mind when the race is in few seconds..?

Antonio CAIROLI : I can’t tell you that..That’s a secret that nobody knew… (smiles..)

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