Comment définir une Personnalité comme celle de Robbie Maddison, pas facile.. À la fois Pilote de FMX, Compétiteur, Cascadeur, Recordman, Innovateur, quoiqu’il en soit Robbie est d’un caractère attachant et aussi très disponible.. Interview..

Jérôme FARAILL – MXVOICE.Racing : You come from Motocross and Supercross, do You still ride in MX sometimes..?

Robbie MADDISON : Yes as often as I can, it keeps me on point with my skills and also keeps the body strong.

MXVOICE.Racing : « FMX » was the « logical way » for You to continue your career, did You have a model, a hero in this category who gave You the « signal inside You » to become a Pro..?

Robbie MADDISON : The crusty demons movies were a huge motivator for me, but seeing guys I grew up racing against especially Like Urek and Dayne Kinnaird riding in the shows was a sign to me I was worthy of being involved. Mike Metzger’s backflip to backflip at an early FMX event I saw on video really spoke to me, I saw him as a hero and wanted to feel what he felt.

MXVOICE.Racing : What is your main target : world records or doing something that is still never done..?

Robbie MADDISON : Yes still doing something that I have dreamt of for many years, I want to fly on my motorcycle.

MXVOICE.Racing : We usually say that a Freestyler has « to disconnect his brain from his body to pass some very hot tricks », are You agree with that..?

Robbie MADDISON : I wouldn’t say disconnect. Rather I’d say to be in control of the thoughts and beliefs.

MXVOICE.Racing : People can say sometimes « this guy is just crazy to do this.. » but they don’t know all the work that You have to do to prepare a show, i guess that’s the biggest part of your « job »..?

Robbie MADDISON : Yes, we are not crazy is a sense of no wisdom or brains, but we are abundant in courage and living a dream that inspires us to give in to the « normal » way of life that the majority has accepted to be the way how we should live.

MXVOICE.Racing : Do You feel fear when you do some tests, some preparations before a big event and during it because as a military man in his job some people think that is necessary to feel fear to stay alive..?

Robbie MADDISON : Yes the fear is the light that leads the way, it’s a close relationship with the fear that allows us to change the level of comfortable performance.

MXVOICE.Racing : Why do You still use 2 strokes in your exhibitions, is that safer than 4 strokes..? Are they specialized prepared for landings by example, i guess You don’t use stock bikes..

Robbie MADDISON : I use a 4 stroke these days, the best freestylers who are still actively competing choose the 2 stroke because it’s a lighter bike that allows for better control with off axis aerial tricks. I’m not trying to be the best with tricks anymore so I ride the bike with the most power, because I like the way I feel on the 4 stroke.

MXVOICE.Racing : Working in a famous movie as a James Bond was i guess an accomplishment, to see you recognized as a reference to realize some dangerous parts of the movie..? Were You a « Bond’s Fan » when you were a kid..?

Robbie MADDISON : In a small way yes, I was not a die hard bond fan, but I definitely was inspired by his nature and bad ass style of being the good guy who wins.

MXVOICE.Racing : Some people use to say « sky is the limit », do You think the same, will we see each year some new very hot tricks in FMX or there will be a limit, one day..?

Robbie MADDISON : I believe we are capable of whatever we believe. The limits will always rise, it’s in our nature.

MXVOICE.Racing : To always be « the First ever who try with success a thing » is that a strategy, « a kind of signature »..?

Robbie MADDISON : No it’s just who I am. I always choose the path least taken, I always question everything I see.

MXVOICE.Racing : How would You define You..? As a Freestyler, a Stuntman, a Showman ,an entertainer..?

Robbie MADDISON : All of the above.

MXVOICE.Racing : I have to say that when i saw You riding a Tube i thought like a lot of people « WoooOOOOw that’s really awesome man..!!! », can You tell us more about the genesis of the project..?

Robbie MADDISON : I always wondered if it was possible, once I believed it, I had to make it happen.

MXVOICE.Racing : Do You talk about a new project with your wife before to do the first tests or she lets You make your own choices..?

Robbie MADDISON : Yes the wife has to approve of every decision. Happy wife, happy life. Hahaha.

MXVOICE.Racing : Do You consider that you are working when you do something very special on a bike in front of an audience or this is always just a lot of Fun for You..?

Robbie MADDISON : It’s work for me, but I love my job. It’s fun after the fact. Stressful during.

MXVOICE.Racing : Would You recommend the way You used to be Famous to a kid or this one is too dangerous..?

Robbie MADDISON : Far too dangerous, if you look at the statistics of how many freestyle riders there are and how many are successful financially, spiritually and how their body’s have coped you would never choose this direction. Go be a doctor and fix the people like me that can’t control their urge to test their limits.

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