(Jimmy after his crash in US Supercross, 2000..)..

Jimmy supported the Trip of Legends Of The Road ..

We had the chance to talk with the Legendary “BTNFLY’”..


Jérôme Faraill / MXVOICE.RACING : Jimmy, you were a part of this legendary trip across the US, we all remember your bike ride to collect funds for the Foundation “Road2Recovery”, what’s the main thing You wanted to place by supporting this adventure..?

Jimmy Button : For me this project is important for many reasons. Often when a rider is injured with something as life altering as paralysis it is quite difficult to find yourself and to understand your own self-worth. I want this program each year to help be abridge for these athletes to get past what has happened and move to the next chapter in life. This is much easier said than done for sure, but we want to help provide that bridge to the future..


Jérôme Faraill / MXVOICE.RACING : We know that You still suffer from your big crash during a Supercross race, how do you feel today..?

Jimmy Button : Today I am doing OK. I am still in pain everyday, some days are better than others, but I’m doing ok. With a big injury like this it really never goes away..


Jérôme Faraill / MXVOICE.RACING : If something would be found to make You recover all your capacities with the help of technology one day, could we see You back on a bike for fun or You feel “too old to ride”..?

Jimmy Button : I don’t think I would ride. I’m not sure but I think this would be the situation. From my view, once you’ve ridden at the top level it is really difficult to go backwards. Its now been almost 18 years since I have ridden so even if my body was 100% my skill level would now be so low that I don’t think it would be fun. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think this is more of  dream……! (Smile..)


You can support a nice cause by a donation here Road2Recovery ..

(Exclusive Interview © 2017 MXVOICE.RACING, Photos : Special thanks to Jimmy Button)


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  2. bon j’aurais préféré l’interview en français !!!! son crash date de 2000 pfouuuuu comme le temps passe vite en tout cas cela fait plaisir de le voir en forme comme cela!!!


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