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Doug Henry is certainly one of the biggest Motocross and Supercross’ Legends all over the world.. This is not just about his Motivation and Determination to continue to accomplish challenges on a Motocross bike or a Snowmobile, but about his Passion for the Sport, even if this one gave him many pains to suffer.. No matter how hard life can be, Doug never gives up.. The Show definitely goes on..

Jérôme FARAILL / MXVOICE.RACING : Doug, You have accomplished a great performance by riding this challenge across the US, do You have a message for the young generations of sports men, everything is always possible, it’s just a question of motivation..?

Doug Henry : It was a great accomplishment.. I feel that we can accomplish anything we set out to do with all our hearts. It may take time and patience but if you continue to work hard you can reach your goals..



Jérôme FARAILL / MXVOICE.RACING : Do You still ride with your adapted moto and if yes the pleasure to ride is the same than with a regular moto or more funny..?

Doug Henry : Yes i still ride my adapted Yamaha 450 and it is a lot of fun for me.. I only do a few competitive races a year so most of my riding is for fun..


Jérôme FARAILL / MXVOICE.RACING : What is your point of view about all the body protections available today for MX Riders and the fact that the biggest part of them do not use them, even in FMX..?

Doug Henry : I feel protection is necessary.. I think there can be great improvement in the protective wear and i would like to see it mandatory for all riders to use.. Pros and amateurs alike..


Jérôme FARAILL / MXVOICE.RACING : Could we see You back on a track as a Coach in a SX or MX Team one day..?

Doug Henry :  Yes it is an interest of mine but it would have to be the right time and the right team..

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(Exclusive Interview © 2017 MXVOICE.RACING, Photos : Thanks to Doug Henry, Special Thanks to Jimmy Button)

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  1. yes magnifique de revoir Doug au coté de Jimmy ça fait plaisir d’avoir de ses nouvelles ce mec et une leçon de vie à lui tout seule respect!!!


  2. Bonjour à Tous et Toutes, j’anticipe une question dont j’apporte là la réponse : « Oui Doug pourrait revenir au MX/SX au sein d’un Team dont il serait le Coach, mais pour cela il faudra que toutes les (bonnes..) conditions soient réunies..


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