I have personally always appreciated Josh COPPINS, not only for his image of a fighter but also for his attitude during races, like a kind of « Clint Eastwood » in « Pale Rider » or « High Plains Drifter », a man came from the bush to give Justice for people..
Jérôme FARAILL / MXVOICE.RACING : Josh, when you look back, do you have some regrets about a Championship, a race, a year season, a preparation for a Championship or do you feel satisfied about everything you did during the years in the Fim Championship because it’s maybe « unnecessary » to have some regrets..? You had to pass a lot of time without your family by example, it was a big deal, a hard price to pay maybe no..??
Josh COPPINS : No I don’t regret anything, for sure I could do somethings different and in some cases better but on the track & in training I always gave 100%.. I always did the best preparation I  could and I’m proud of that.. I lost a title from bad luck but I also had a lot of success and good luck so I can not complain.. As far as sacrifice yes it’s true I left my family and friends at 17 and moved to the other side of the world alone but this also made me who I am today people that know my story know of the sacrifices, and I think they respect me for that but it was my dream to race the world championship so it didn’t really seem like a sacrifice more of an exciting journey..
Jérôme FARAILL / MXVOICE.RACING : For the fans you are a reference concerning the hard training in all weather conditions and all the efforts you did to stay at a top level..
What was your kind of motivation, having the face of a rider as a punching ball (smile..) in your mind or just do everything you can do to beat all the competitors..? Do you need to feel anger about a rider to push hard during each start on a race..?
Josh COPPINS : I didn’t have many friends at the race track because I wanted to win badly.. I didn’t want to be friends I just wanted to win and I trained very hard to do so, when you suffer each day trying to be better for sure you think about the competition but for me I thought mostly about the winning feeling when you cross the line it was the best feeling of all.. Sometimes this was also my downfall sometimes I trained to hard and didn’t get my preparation right so it wasn’t always a good thing..
Jérôme FARAILL / MXVOICE.RACING : What is the most difficult, when you work as a Coach for young riders..? Do they know all the hard work they have to do to be the best..?? Is there a « shock of generations »..?
Josh COPPINS : Well, mostly no mostly they don’t know and don’t realise what it takes to be at the top but every now and then a good rider comes along with also a good attitude and work ethic, that’s motivating for a coach, that’s why you do it to help someone that wants to help themselves..
Jérôme FARAILL / MXVOICE.RACING : What is the better place, as a Team Manager, as a Coach or as a Rider..?
Josh COPPINS : 1st the rider because it’s a great feeling to win and if you do well you earn more and have more down time but for sure you have a lot of pressure..
2nd team manager but for sure you have a lot of stress with the budget and controlling the logistics of a team and staff..
3rd a coach because when a rider is doing well you are the best coach but when he isn’t you are the worst.. (smiles..)
Jérôme FARAILL / MXVOICE.RACING : You still ride at 40, do you discover now the « real pleasure to ride » without pressure or you have always rode with pleasure in your carrier..?
Josh COPPINS : Yes it is nice now with no pressure.. I think every rider has different feelings when they retire from a professional rider some can not ride again, some try but lose the speed some don’t enjoy, it’s different for each rider but for me I enjoy it.. I like to stay fit and healthy and to ride the mx bike for me is the best fitness much more fun than running cycling or going to the gym.. I really enjoy to ride now..
Jérôme FARAILL / MXVOICE.RACING : Do you have maybe an advice for the young generations of riders..?
Josh COPPINS : There is no easy way you need to work hard, stay focused but also enjoy it..
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(Exclusive Interview © 2017 MXVOICE.RACING, Photos : Many Thanks to Josh COPPINS..)