Second VIP of 2018 for our new Editorial named « Holeshot », Brian HSU.. Born in Germany, the new young Rider from the Bud Racing Team has started to ride at 6 and comes from the BMX world..

Jérôme FARAILL – MXVOICE.RACING : Brian, How and why did You come to Motocross.. ?

Brian HSU : First, it’s because my father was riding also and you know i was always on the tracks and someday I just started to ride when I was 6 years old.. Before, I was always riding a bicycle, a BMX..


Jérôme FARAILL – MXVOICE.RACING : Some people call You a Genius because you are playing violin and you speak 5 languages.. What do You want to answer.. ?

Brian HSU : I started the violin when i was 4 years old because my father is a violin maker.. I have growing up in Taïwan where i learnt « Mandarin ».. After Taïwan, we were living in Italie..

Jérôme FARAILL – MXVOICE.RACING : What is your goal for 2018..?

Brian HSU : With this new team and the new bike, i feel really good with the new Kawasaki, i want to do my best everytime, go to the races and learn to gain experience..


Jérôme FARAILL – MXVOICE.RACING : What is your favorite kind of tracks..?

Brian HSU : For me it’s a middle combinaison, not too hard, not too soft..

Jérôme FARAILL – MXVOICE.RACING : Do You want to race a full season in the US one day..?

Brian HSU : Yes i have always watched Supercross on tv and always liked it.. And doing it.. I started to ride on a Supercross track.. I rode some european Supercross but it’s not as big as in the USA.. But in the US, it’s no easy, it’s very difficult but i would try and also for the Nationals..

Jérôme FARAILL – MXVOICE.RACING : Do You have a plan for your career or You want to progress step by step..?

Brian HSU : Yes and let’s see.. I prefer to go to the direction of the US.. Because this sport is « Motocross and Supercross » and in Europe, it’s only Motocross.. It depends also the riding style.. I like technical riding..

Jérôme FARAILL – MXVOICE.RACING : What do You think about the gap between you and a rider like Antonio Cairoli..?

Brian HSU : I never compare myself to other riders.. I want to be good in style and good in speed.. That’s important for me but it’s not easy to do..

Jérôme FARAILL – MXVOICE.RACING : Who is your favorite rider.. ?

Brian HSU : James STEWART..

2006 50cc East European MX Champion
2010 65cc European MX Champion
2010 65cc FIM Vice Junior World MX Champion
2011 85cc Italian-International Supercross Champion
2011 85cc European Supercross Champion
2012 85cc FIM Junior World MX Champion
2012 85cc ADAC MX Masters, Junior Cup, 3rd
2013 125cc ADAC MX Masters, Youngster Cup, 3rd
2013 125cc Coupe de L’avenir, 3rd
2013 125cc European Supercross Champion
2014 125cc European MX Champion
2014 125cc FIM Junior World MX Champion
2015 250f ADAC MX Masters, Youngster Cup Champion

(Exclusive Interview/Interview Exclusive © 2018 MXVOICE.RACING – Jérôme FARAILL, Photos : Brian HSU/MXJuly..)